Actor. Artist. Mover.

but really, who is she?

she's the mid 20's to early 30's intelligent, not-afraid-of-the-challenge, business savvy woman, while on the other hand, can be the girl so broken she find any substance or person to fill the void. She is the young lawyer, grad student, personal assistant unbraid of stepping on some toes on the way to the top. she's also the artistic type - a singer, actress, dancer, designer, painter - who moves through life in a sensual way, indulging in the darkness of a tortured artist. if she is a wife, she is the trophy wife to the older man, with her own set of hobbies to to keep her entertained: picking fights is a past time. being a pain? no problem. and one can't forget the hopeless romantic who so deeply wants to be treasured an adored... 



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