I used be tentative in conversations about acting. There was almost this sense of needing to apologize for the fact that, yes, I was an actress which meant: “I do not have a ‘normal’ job”. How many other young girls were out here in L.A., having moved from all over the country (or world) to “make it” in this seemingly impossible business? How could I be any different from them? The impossibility of it all created an embarrassed and rather defensive reaction - I am doing what a million other girls are doing or fantasize of doing and to others it looks like a pipe dream.

Guess what? Pipe dream, it isn’t. Not for me anyway. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2017 that I took a very long, very emotional and meditative hike up to one of my favorite spots looking out over all of LA. When I reached the top, I had an honest talk with myself about my career. I decided that this was it. I wasn’t going anywhere. LA was my home, and the place where I believed I could find the opportunities to create stories . Most importantly, I told myself, “You ARE different. You may have the same casting as thousands and thousands of girls and you may hear ‘no’ a million more times before ONE single ‘yes’, but you ARE NOT the same as them”.

Being myself - in all my imperfections and idiosyncrasies - is more beautiful and interesting than 1,000 other girls on social media who try to appeal to the masses. When it all comes down to it, acting is about the human experience and doing those lives justice, whether it be on the screen or stage. It may be a struggle, but I work every day to give up my insecurities/ judgement/doubt, and serve the story that is placed in front of me. It is no longer about me as a human. It is about us, the artists, sharing and bringing the world closer together.

Someone once told me that when a person is born with a talent - or gift, if you want to call it that - it inherently makes that person posses a purpose. He or she has an “obligation to share their gift and talent with the world”. The day I realized my purpose  I knew I also had an obligation to share myself with the world. I had a right to be seen because stories have a right to be told. That means the stories I wanted to tell, the human experiences I could bring to life and the emotions I could release should be expressed to audiences. How freeing it is to know that I am a conduit through which other human tales can pass.

That is the beauty of acting. Not about the number of followers you have and the car you drive or parties you get into. It is a beautiful job because it is about service - that is why I am here - this is my purpose. 



The Wrong Crush   |   Supporting   |   Lifetime Movie Network / David DeCoteau ​


 Trust      |   Lead     |  Open Heart Prodctions LLC  

Trust         |    Lead     |    Indie Short/ Jennifer Levinson

Girl Code  |   Lead   |   Indie Short / Casey Gates

Official Selection – L.A. Shorts Film Fest; Angaelica Festival, CA; Holly Shorts Film Fest, CA


Writer’s Block  |   Supporting   |   Indie Feature / Mingyu Chu

Punching Henry  |   Supporting   |   Indie Feature / Gregori Viens

The Cool Kids   |   Lead  |   Indie Feature /  Rock Jacobs

Lori Sheedy, F*** You  |   Supporting   |   Indie Feature / Brian Keith Montgomery Jr.


Wrk Bitchez Sz 1  |   Series Regular, Amy   |   Indie Feature /  YouTube: Work Bitchez

 Wrk Bitchez Sz 2 |   Series Regular, Amy   |     Indie Feature /  YouTube: Wrk Bitchez

Trust                    | Supporting, Trini          | Producer: Jenn Levinson @jenhearts247


Red Light Winter  |  The Raven Theatre  North Hollywood, Ca  | Produced with Theatre Tribe

Trust, Feature Film   | Co Producer, Lead   | Open Heart Productions LLC


Red Light Winter     |  Lead (Christina), Producer   | The Raven Theatre, NoHo Arts, L.A.

The Portman Delusions  |   Lead (Jaime)    |   The Raven Theater, NoHo Arts, L.A.

Does this Woman Have a Name?   |   Lead (Sarah)   |   Stuart Rogers Studios, L.A. ​


Scene Study (ongoing)   |   Stuart Rogers (current)    |   Stuart Rogers Studo, L.A.

Improvisation – IOWest (ongoing)   |   Level 3 (current)  |   IOWest, L.A

On-Camera Commercial Acting   |   Jill Alexander   |   Los Angeles


On-Camera Commercial Acting   |   Tom Muskgrave   |   Alyson Horn Casting, L.A.

Meisner  |   Michael Bradley   |   Studio 4, L.A.

On-Camera Commercial Acting   |   Jaret Sacrey   |   Killian’s Commercial Workshop, L.A.

Scene Study   |   Cliff Osmond   |   Los Angeles


B.A. in Theatre and Drama, University of California, Irvine

 Special Skills 


Improvisation, Certified Barre Instructor (AFAA), ACE Fitness Instructor, Tennis (Intermediate), Fit Modeling, Long Distance Runner, Dermatology and Skin Care Expert

Advanced Hip Hop, Advanced Modern,  Jazz, Classical Jazz, Movement for Actors, Mime


Singing - Mezzo Soprano ( Pop, R&B, Jazz )


British Standard, French, NewJersey, Bronx, American Southern